A lush nature, a river of unique beauty, a deep blue sea, clean air, delicious fishes... If we had to summarize Ağva, these would be the first words that would come to our minds.

This unique town, which has become the number one choice of people who want to escape the noise of the city and spend a peaceful holiday in winter as well as in spring and summer, is still 97 km away from Istanbul, even though it is known as Yeşilçay in official records. Located in the northeast of Turkey and on the Black Sea coast, Ağva is an ideal town for peaceful weekend getaways.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of this charming town, which was established on the delta between Göksu and Yeşilçay creeks, originating from Çal Hill of Izmit, is the lush shores of these creeks. Hotels and restaurants have been established here, and all the activities of the region are carried out on these shores.

Agva is 3 km from the Black Sea coast. It has a long beach. It is a region with its natural beach and natural wonder green, untouched coves, islets, forests intertwined with nature and where the oxygen rate is very high. Kilim Bay, Gelin Kayası and Saklı Lake are places that must be explored. As for the reason why Bride Rock got this name, it's white and looks like a bride in a veil.

If you are into fishing, the Agva shores are perfect for you. You will get enough of the fish here. Because of its coast to the Black Sea, all kinds of fish can be found here. The most important things that will catch your eye in the center of Agva will be the fishing boats. You can chat with the fishermen, drink tea or even go fishing together. You can always find the fresh fish of the season in the facilities in the region.

In Agva, which is ready to be explored with its unique nature, you can do water sports in summer and winter (canoe on the creek, sea bike), fitness in winter, trekking and hunting in nature. Ağva, which is extremely suitable for activities such as walking, jogging, cycling and camping in the forest, is also ideal for those who want to cool off in the harsh waters of the Black Sea in summer. Agva, which hosts turtles, gazelles, wolves, jackals, wild boars, foxes, squirrels and many bird species, especially kingfisher, is also very suitable for hunting. Breathing the fresh air, walking on the healing beach, which is said to be good for rheumatic diseases, and tasting delicious fish in the restaurants by the creek are the things you should not neglect while enjoying Ağva.

If you do not take your camera with you when you come to Ağva, you may regret seeing the lush nature and the river flowing into the Black Sea through the trees.

Park Mandalin
We are at your service to offer you a different holiday by combining the whispers of pine and tangerine trees on the banks of the Ağva Göksu River, the magnificent scent of the linden tree, with the sounds of the nightingale singing throughout the day. Park Mandalin, a small family business, where you can be alone with nature, catch the calmness and listen to the sound of silence in a quiet environment in winter and spring.
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