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6 Days/5 Nights Stay
Antalya International Airport – Hotel
Will be in 5* star hotels
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Approximately 30 km
It will be had in the hotel and is included to tour price.
It will be had in the hotel and is included to tour price.
It will be had in the hotel, is included to tour price.
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Turkey, in recent years repeatedly entered service with the international nature of golf, the golf lovers bringing together a world tournament held at the height of the salient characteristics of its kind has turned into a golf center. Especially the Antalya Province in Turkey, 30 km east area of Belek town its cultural, the historical and natural structure as well as high quality golf courses and facilities and forms the potential for a unique golf tourism international is home to tournaments. There are golf courses in İstanbul and Muğla as well. In our country, golf facilities are mostly close to the beach with accommodation facilities offering high capacity rich food, shopping and entertainment facilities. These facilities provide visitors with opportunities to spend a holiday in a natüre-oriented environment with golf courses organized in harmony with nature. According to data from turkey Gold Federation as of 2018, 18 of the 36 golf courses located on site. They are in Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Aydın, Ankara and Samsun. Antalya is Turkey’s largest golf destination. Espicially awarded by the International Golf Tour Operators Association(IAGTO) in 2008, the Best Golf Zone of the year award, Belek has 27 golf courses within 11 touristic facilities.

A golf journey to Turkey is the perfect opportunity to see some of the world’s most prestigious golf courses. 

Choose one of the 20 golf courses dotted around the forest. Stay at an all inclusive luxury hotel. Enjoy the wonderful year round climate. 


Playing on a magnificent field is always challenging. Playing on these amazing fiels is pushing the boundaries. Antalya has a lot of golf courses for golf enthusiasts to play but enjoy it. You will experience the unforgettable moments of golf when you add the perfect game park, unmatched assertive quality and natural beauties around. Whether you are learning the baciss of the game or solving the complexities of the field, facilities’s fully professional team is ready for your consultancy and assistance in their academy training area. 

  • Individual or Group Lessons
  • Game Lessons
  • Special Education Packages
  • Preparation/ Child Education
  • Video Tutorial
Gloria Golf ResortUpon Your RequestBelek/Antalya
Kaya Palazzo Golf ClubUpon Your RequestBelek/Antalya
Montgomerie Maxx RoyalUpon Your RequestBelek/Antalya
Regnum Carya Golf ClubUpon Your RequestBelek/Antalya
Sueno Golf ClubUpon Your RequestBelek/Antalya
Cornelia Golf ClubUpon Your RequestBelek/Antalya